The Mayor of Bath

Bath Kaposvar Twinning Association presents cheque to the Walcot State Choir at a reception in the Mayor's Parlour.

Wednesday 19th June 2013

The Mayor of Bath, Councillor Malcolm Lees, hosted a civic reception where the Walcot State Choir were presented with a cheque by the Treasure of the Bath Kaposvar Twinning Association, Jim Cook.  The choir are planning to visit Kaposvar in September and will use the donation to assist with travel expenses.

The choir have strong links with the Music Lovers, a choir based in Kaposvar who will host their visit.

From left to right

Peter Metcalfe, Chairman of Bath Kaposvar Twinning Association, members of the Walcot State Choir, the Mayor, Councillor Malcolm Lees, and Treasurer of the BKTA, Mr Jim Cook.

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